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My son runs (is that the right word?) an amazing website – SFF AUDIO.The homepage states :

“Our goal was to tell the world about the cool stuff we were listening to. Since then we’ve added a bunch more contributors, reviewers, and even an editor!

We think audio is the best medium for Science Fiction literature and drama. We’re not against the dead tree, cathode ray, and celluloid versions, we just know them to be the inferior medium for transmission of story, mood, and ideas.

Before the creation of printed books, stories were told by the Greek aoidos, the Celtic bards and other poets of the human voice. After the printing press allowed for greater numbers of “novels” to be written, the families and friends in all the households that could afford to buy them would gather together and spend their evenings reading books aloud to each other. In the late 1970s the audio cassette allowed for the creation of a new industry, a new medium, the audiobook. Over the last three decades new technologies, CDs, MP3-CDs, and especially the portable MP3 player have made the audiobook even more popular.

Audio drama, too, is our passion. It goes by many names: audio theatre, audio cinema, and of course “radio drama” – the name of the place where it got started. We love this stuff. And if you’re reading this, we bet you do too.”

This endeavour uses a lot of his time, and like most such undertakings, is volunteer work. Yet I feel a sense of awe and pride because it is an amazing site. And, when I am a contributor, despite the fact that I am a teacher, a relatively accomplished writer and blogger myself, I want my work to be more than perfect when submitting to SFF AUDIO.

It took me a long time to listen to The Year of the Flood. On occasion it was because it moved slowly, but more often than not I was relistening to a section, making notes for my review. I wanted my review to be unique. Not just the content, I wanted to focus on how the audio experience would differ from the reading experience. In my advancing years I seem to be listening to a lot more non-fiction than fiction. I seem to save fiction for vacations, of which I take few because of my MCS (MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY) status.

So although the review is short, and somewhat critical, please note that this is a book about the future where going oputside requires a “nosecone”. Masked breathing is the norm.

So if you want an interesting read or listen, and the depth of Atwood’s literary imagination complete with ups and downs doesn’t scare you off, give The Year of the Flood your time. Who knows, on-line BLOGGY book club?

Link to my review complete with a listening sample:


  1. Tehri says:

    Your pride in your son shines through your blog. Nice to see.

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