Inspired by Chris and dedicated to Wendy…

I often find a soak in the tub a good place for meditation…I can think a bit and then dissolve my thoughts and just concentrate on sensory input. I listen (the delightful quiet of my home, water as I move), I feel (warm, soothing water), I smell (luckily in my own home just the hot wellwater, unscented soap, salty skin), I see (the familiar), I taste (must remember to taste even when my mouth is empty and associate smell and taste – note the saltiness, the hot water can be tasted in my mouth if I make the conscious effort). I relax without thought so easily because I have practiced.

Often, after, I have delicious thoughts. Today I was musing about a brief conversation with Chris (’twas by email) about truly listening and thinking. It blended well with an audiobook I am listening to,  The Virus of the Mindmemes spread…people have ideas, non-sensory bits in their minds, often meaningless, often untrue – that spread from person to person without consicousness or evaluation. My bathtub epiphany is that if the mind should be filled with 100% sensory input, and those of us lucky enough to have five intact senses are clever enough to use them, we can achieve happiness. Missing a sense, no problem, the other four senses are able and willing to fill the 100%, performing at a higher level. Nice!

A child, not yet overinfected with memes experiences happiness, lives in the present, enjoying sensory input. Perhaps, says my relaxed mind as it floats in the peaceful water, memes start to take over a greater and greater percentage of the available mind as we age, squeezing out the space where sensory input, the real stuff of mind lives.

Those suffering the greatest misery are most infected by the virus of the mind. The cure has been known for eons. It is not a pill. We don’t need to  find God or suffer a stroke like Jill Bolte Taylor. To be alive is to utilize our senses. Sometimes we are so removed from them that we feel lost. We can be caught up in culture, in judgment, in  yesterday, in tomorrow. The now, the loving kindness we show to others and that we are shown; our humanity is our five senses. Happiness, when it seems elusive, is within us.  To use our senses, to love and give, to be loved and accept our gifts… we have only 23,000 protein-coding genes- about the same number as an ear of corn or a roundworm. We are not so complex.

Life is simple and I am grateful.

  1. Tehri says:

    Beautifully expressed, Elaine!!!

    Great Wisdom!

    Very nice Blog!

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