What I Believe

Finally Finished..




The steering board has worked hard and this is the result:


Vision Statement

At TGC, our vision is of a world of interconnected ecologically sustainable communities supported by an inclusive collaborative network of stewards and stakeholders.


In short TGC has “A vision of ecological sustainability through collaboration and accountability”

Mission Statement

The TGC mission is to facilitate an inclusive collaborative network of stewards and stakeholders to unite in keeping municipal governments socially and environmentally accountable.


Our mission is echoed in our slogan, “keeping municipal governments accountable”

Value Statement

The TGC will implement our vision by conducting our affairs so that our actions provide evidence of the high value we place on integrity and our responsibility towards our communities and the environment.


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I have found myself, more often than not, to be in the role of advisor. This may have evolved from my career as a teacher. . Teaching, when done effectively,  is very complex. As one evolves and improves (and this is entirtely necessary), little gems of wisdom become incorporated into practice; as well, one’s teaching philosophy, one’s beliefs about life and teaching become solidified.


A favorite quote, which I share often and remind myself of even more frequently:

“To work in the world lovingly means that we are defining what we will be for, rather than reacting to what we are against.”

  1. Gary Jackson says:

    I read with anguish…..and delight….your blog entry on one of my old university friends, Mark Dickson. He was a freshman when I graduated with my MBA in 1983. We were good friends that lost track of each other. Be happy to trade anecdotes with you sometime if you send me your email.

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