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I delight in the fact that I am able to involve myself deeply in community work. Elsewhere in MY BLOG or in the film made about me by Glenn terBorg, you will see that there was a time in my life when this kind of community participation was just not possible. DOING is a privilege! Not everyone gets the opportunity in life to know that. I am lucky. I know that each breath, each small thing I can do, is a pleasure to be savoured.

Washing dishes – no longer a chore, I enjoy the fact that it is something I CAN DO. So imagine the delight when I managed to convince the gang at TEDxSFU that I had skills they needed. It took a few tries, but eventually, with my positive persistence, I managed to convince Jason Wong that I am a good networker and a fine “community animator” for social networking. They didn’t really need someone for these jobs, but eventually some holes emerged, and here I am, part of a dynamic YOUNG team. The event is only two weeks away. I think it will be amazing.

I have met none of these people in the flesh, but with telephones, SKYPE, email and lots of effort and imagination, I can feel the energy that exudes. TEDxSFU is going to be one of those don’t miss events. And not to worry if you are not in the live audience… It will be webcast. The talks will be filmed. Our dream is that TED will pick up a few and share them with the world. We KNOW we have the calibre of speakers that will WOW TEDsters, TEDophiles, TED-lovers everywhere.

Meanwhile, I am looking for the ultimate red chair, black table and matching decorator lamp as a loaner for the stage. The stage measures about 10 feet by 4 feet (it’s small). Sophistication and simplicity would be the dream combination. Acknowledgment in the program would be the reward. Any takers?

Contact me! Time is SHORT!

I am sorry I didn’t get to say good-bye – I asked Geoff to convey my good-bye – not sure if he got a chance.GreendrinksLOGO

Simona is dear friend of mine. She can be very focused on work and it was great that she took the time to come and explore the “REAL” world.

I am SO GLAD your wife likes the bread. I vary the recipe a bit each time – it is more of a pattern than a recipe. The secret, I think, is eating it fresh. It was just out of the oven when I came. The jam was made by my friend, LYNN BURTON. I will have to get her out to a GREENDRINKS one day. She recently retired from being Dean of Continuing Studies and Chair of the Humanities Department at Simon Fraser University – amazing woman, so right-brained and creative, it is totally amazing that she has achieved so much. She says it is self-discipline. She amazes me daily. You must meet her one day. With two-fingered typing and no knowledge of computers, web-sites or the like, she produces a daily newspaper online called the Anmore Alternative… Oh, and did I mention she makes jam from local ingredients???

As for paddling, my day canoeing on the Fraser with Fin Donnelly’s group was totally amazing. My young guide, James Healy, is now a friend. See him on my FACEBOOK page!!