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My granddaughter likes shopping for clothes. I find computer equipment much more interesting (and useful). She listens to music and certainly knows the names of the actors and musicians that appear in interesting designer clothing at the Oscars. I read Popular Mechanics and wanted to TWEET about a new reason why GFCI’S (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) might be tripping for what seems like no reason because of (GET THIS!!) old, energy inefficient refrigerators! So yesterday we went to the mall (a Saturday – the things we do for our grandchildren!) and looked at shoes and clothes for a couple of hours. Then she sat in the van and listened to her iPod while I spent a half hour at NCIX picking up a few things. She exclaimed, “What were you doing in there so long?”

Different brains like different things. And now I am thinking my friend, Peter, would like these GFCI circuits everwhere so they will detect rogue electricity as he carries on with his mission against electromagnetic radiation.

Now my friend suffers from an uncomfortable state of cognitive dissonance because, I believe, he too is a “nerd” and yet he is discovering huge volumes of information that point to health and environmental issues that show the technologies to be unacceptable. I have to remember that I spent an early part of my life “living off the land” with minimal technology, no electricty and no running water. It isn’t the way. Going backwards is not the answer. Somehow we must accept the differences inherent in the brains of others and begin to solve the conflict in our own minds. For me this has been done by allowing for imperfection. By allowing myself and others to be imperfect, I can now allow that I will work towards improving the effects of technology. I will know I don’t have all the information. I will know that no side on this issue is 100% correct and no side 100% incorrect. Nothing will be black or white. Gathering information will be paramount while suspending absolute judgment will be helpful. I can lean in a direction without discounting ideas from another. This kind of openmindedness is what I aim for and desire in others, whatever the issue. It is very peaceful for the brain…even if I lean towards nerdiness.

My FACEBOOK PROFILE describes my interests  “I like peace…oh and trees and dogs.”

I am quite sure there are other interests, maybe even some passions but those three really sum me up quite nicely and this week, sadly, the eldest of our dogs took ill and died.  That’s the risk in loving dogs…in loving any living creature, really. They are mortal, and as such will not stay a living spirit here with us forever. This can make us ponder our own mortality. This time I had to watch my granddaughter encountering her first giant, personal grief. There is a desire to protect a child from such pain but it must come eventually. And eventually it is close and personal like it was with Naya. She became ill quite suddenly. She grew weak. With the aid of the kindest, smartest veterinarian I have ever met, a few tests were done to see if there was something we could to to improve her health but we took no heroic measures. She was so weak we did what is the only kind thing we could do – we didn’t let her suffer. Why is it that we let humans go on, suffer pain, starve in their own bodies? About ten years ago – another elderly dog, another sad time, the same wonderful wise veterinarian…and she said that Amy’s time had come. I thanked her saying I hoped she would do the same for me. I was at the worst ever in my physical health at that time. Melissa took my hand and told me, “Elaine, you know I would if I could.” The nicest words anyone has ever said to comfort me in time of grief.

And at this time of loss and memory my tenant has painted me the most beautiful tree, “Growth”.

GROWTH by Jay Peachy

Oh, and my dear friend Trudy had taken Calli, my granddaughter, and me on a little field trip in February – and we came back with a puppy – Maple Teddy is doing well despite the fact that he is full of mischief, the cycle of LOVE begins again. TREES, DOGS…now if we can only achieve a little PEACE in our community. PEACE takes work. I will work on it…