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My family doctor (primary care physician) has asked that I prepare the letter that will go to specialists prior to my first arrival. It needs to elucidate in few words what to do to make my visit safe. It must also explain MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) to a physician who may have had no education about or exposure to a patient with the kind of symptoms I experience. My symptoms can be mild (for me) which may include coughing, asthma, brain fog and increased ataxia (you see I already I have ataxia – the hereditary kind). Or, they can be medium, slurred speech, severe ataxia, altered blood pressure, complete inability to focus or answer questions, stuttering, poor word-finding skills and dizziness. And of course, the biggie…anaphylaxis…and it happens too often.

So, my desire with this post is to engage the assistance of others with MCS. What should be included in a letter to a physician that arrives before WE do? First appointment of the day? No waiting? This is a brainstorm – so all ideas are accepted. I will choose the ones I want for my letter and post it. Maybe it will be useful for others, too!!