Botox, youth worship, what’s going on?

Posted: August 10, 2009 in 1
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I should be packing for my trip to stormy Hawaii. Now we know GLOBAL WARMING is causing the changes to our weather and I can relate all this to the use of petrochemicals…. but this post is about wrinkles. And it’s about youth. And it’s about that little nagging feeling inside me that something is wrong with the way our youth transitions into adulthood.

I was reading a magazine about decorating… home decorating, and there was a full page advertisement for BOTOX to get the wrinkles out of your face. And I had just been thinking about the wisdom of some of the older people I know. This led me to wonder how on  Earth we came to covet youth, youthfulness and wrinkle-free skin.



I am told my skin is youthful looking for my age of 55 years. A compliment. But does my ego bask more when told I am wise….oh yes.  Is this because wisdom is what was prized in my family, my culture? Or is this because I get IT?

There is clearly some confusion about what is important. Why are we here on Earth? What’s life all about anyway? If we look young will we have a longer stay to figure out what it’s all about?BOTOX2

Those who age gently (Hi Ted Ulmer!) are such a pleasure to be around. They have humour and wisdom oozing from their pores. Some cultures have an awareness of the treasures that are their elders.

What’s with us?

  1. IRENE says:

    Hi,Elaine I suffer Anaphylaxis to many things as well asmy landlord will not stop her is rgere a law agsinst cig. smoke on your property/ space. lolIrene. cig. smoke I was at treatment centers as a result asap.thanks’

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