Lynn, Me – Jam and Bread

Posted: August 1, 2009 in 1
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The first time I met Lynn she was smiling up at me from a sea of faces at the All-Candidate Meeting of 2005. I chose her face from the crowd upon which to focus while I delivered my speech. I often advised others to pick a face like that – one offering encouragement. Her smile was sincere, her eyes genuinely reflective of positive listening and endorsement (and all that in the two minute permitted speaking window!)

Unfortunately I had to deliver that speech from my wheelchair, utilizing oxygen and a blue mask. The committee organizing the meeting had not read my campaign literature and was not prepared in any way for a disabled candidate.

Following the speech and the questions, few of which were directed at me, Ted Ulmer, the only other person in the room who appeared to have a mobility impairment, offered to help with my campaign. Wow – this was not an exercise in futility. A smile and an offer of help (and hope).

Outside, the smiling woman introduced herself, Dr. Lynn Burton. We chatted. Other people came up and chatted with me as well. A friendship was born.

Lynn makes jam. Any fruit that makes it into her kitchen is likely to end up in one of her delightful concoctions. There is Peachy Potion, Daisy’s Delight Plum Bum Jam, Love Potion No. 9, Apricot Tipple, Cherry Nefertiti Love Potion (honestly Egyptian ingredients), Strubarb, Ginger Peach (a personal favorite), Rhubarb Rambler (another personal favorite – did I mention I don’t even eat jam!), Backyard Blackberry Bounty, Boozy Boo Berry, Hint o’ Mango Rhubarb (now here’s where my resolve to not eat sugar went out the window! – now my all-time favorite!), Wham Bam Raspberry Jam… okay you are getting the idea. This is not an exhaustive list but you may have become exhausted reading it. Lynn is that rare, right-brained genius who is not only creative but also extremely productive. She tells me she inherited her jam-making ability from her grandmother.



I learned to make bread from my mother’s mother. She was also a smiling woman and a genius. I remember her being a very kind-hearted, positive woman with twinkly blue eyes. Like Lynn she was not too tall in stature but a giant at political strategy.  Early kitchen memories are of kneading my own little doughy bits in her kitchen. My grandmother learned her breadmaking skills in Russia when she was small; the miller’s daughter.

“How will I know when I have kneaded enough, Baba?”

“When the sweat from your brow salts the dough,” she would smile with her eyes lifted, remembering the words she had heard herself so long ago.

So now I am the bread maker. The kneading is done by a machine, I must confess. But I measure mostly like my grandmother did, with a fist, a pinch and a squinted eye. And I know the dough is right by the feel.

Lynn’s jam and my bread. They make a very nice combination. Like our friendship…

Volunteers at the hatchery can feast on my bread and Lynn’s jam most Sundays.

  1. Lynnie Pooh says:

    Awwww! How lovely! The bread is really very special with the Grannie jam.

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