I am a big fan of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. He talks about Red Zone dogs as those that can turn on you in an instant. “A red zone is when a dog is in attack mode against another animal or human. The intention is to assault its target until he exhausts it. Until there is no life left, ” says Cesar.

Old Spice makes a product line called Red Zone. It is purportedly aimed at the higher end consumer with its greatest assault product, a time-release deodorant – the chemical that keeps on giving. An aggressive chemical that will attack the chemically sensitive until they are exhausted or the anaphylactic (me) until they have ceased breathing; it must be especially pthalate laden as it seems that frequent wearers have this product enlaced heavily in their clothing with the impossibility of easy removal. Brilliant marketing!

Since 2002 researchers have known that Beluga Whales are endangered and most deaths are due to cancer (including juveniles). The cancer has been linked to industrial chemical pollution. My point with the whales, you ask…

Despite the growing research that shows that humans are experiencing increased toxicity related illnesses, we continue to allow such products in and near our bodies. We seem to forget that the skin is an absorptive organ.

OLD SPICE RED ZONE – knocks me out in seconds… This product will hopefully be thought of in the future like DDT, an embarrassing chemical…we will think “How did we let people use it.. ?” Likely it will be too late. Human sperm counts will be at an all-time low ( fragrances contain endocrine disrupting chemicals ) and Beluga Whales will be long extinct.

See policy on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity  here.

  1. Vince Montgomery says:

    Your posts are always so informative and well considered.. Thank you.

    Humans could learn much from the example set by the life you live, but that would require thoughtful attention and consideration, wouldn’t it?

  2. elainewillis says:

    So many have asked – here’s the scoop… No one at the scene was familiar with use of epipens except me and I was unconscious. My dear friend (firefighter, first responder) Mario, saved my life after the exposure to Red Zone. We are now blood brothers because the epipen first went into his hand. I know we will all be laughing about this for years to come but today I picked up some new epipens with extra instructions in large print for all my over-forty friends.

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