Philosophy but I’m no philosopher…

Posted: July 9, 2009 in 1

So here’s the deal…. I want to be a better person… I want to be a moral person, a kind person, a just person. I want to be the kind of person I would like and respect. I want to be a person with principles…oh, and of course I want to be smart.

You see…that’s what I had growing up. I was the bright one. I didn’t really have to work very hard to do well in school…at least not at the academic endeavors but I knew there was more. Injustice always upset me greatly. It still does. Those adults who always said “Whoever said life is fair?” used to truly upset me. Shouldn’t those have been the people working to make it so…

There were others clearly who knew this was life’s big struggle because after all Robin Hood was a popular story for generations. Yet I watched as even those who struggled for equality would get swallowed up by something big, or something evil. I didn’t understand it then, and even now struggle to comprehend.

Some of my FACEBOOK friends just laugh at me when my daily status post is about some deep thought about morality or the state of humanity. They literally “POKE” me or poke fun at me. I do, however, feel that I must work daily, in some small way to improve myself and the world in which I live so as not be swallowed by this “thing”, this little part of humanity which is really a kind of oblivion…a lack of awareness.

Oh, depth of thought…you keep my house from being tidy.


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