What to Eat – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Posted: June 11, 2009 in 1
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I want to do right by the world and right by my body…probably not in that order, but I am not sure. Maybe the concepts are identical so I shouldn’t be wondering which is the priority. There are so many things to consider.

And of course I want to be humble and gracious. I don’t want to appear to be a picky guest or a difficult one…

I have food intolerances. They can’t be allergies because I don’t need the epipen after I encounter them, right? I have had the occasional case of hives, even giant hives but have never found out what caused them, yet I’ve nailed what causes those intestinal disturbances…modern refined foods containing grains and milk…oh and soy and a few other products.

What can I eat? It’s embarrassing when amongst the vegans but nice organic free-range chicken

or almost any beef seems to go down (or is that through) easily. I think with the chicken it depends very much what it’s been eating. It’s the same with the eggs. The mass-produced ones cause “the problem” and the free-range ones are mostly just fine.

Vegetables and fruit are great but need to be cooked when my innards are at their worst.

All the milk substitutes have been wiped off the list – almond milk was okay for a while but I really do feel better without it.

Spices, especially these are well-tolerated and add zip:

Chili Flakes

I tolerate oats and oatmeal also if well-cooked (add the cinnamon) – no milk…

Other than my ability to digest meat (so I eat it!), my diet would qualify as an anti-inflammatory diet (au courant especially the spice list), working towards eating locally (our first strawberry crop is in), adhering to the Canada Food Guide (ok, I have to really eat a lot of OATMEAL)…

There is so much information out there and the more we pay attention to the science, the gurus, the diet books, the changing food guides, the blood tests..(mine were fine, thank you)…the more guilt-ridden and confused we become.

So I am going to listen to my body and my grandmother. My body advises me when foods aren’t working with unpleasant protests. Being human, I try again. (Or was that the nutritionist telling me to challenge those food allergies often..) And my grandmother told me how to be a guest. Never arrive empty-handed. Never refuse to try something new. Be a guest with grace.

Food rant over and out.

  1. Joanne Frembd says:

    Elaine, Have you tried making oatmeal with apple cider or apple juice? It doesn’t really need milk on it.

    • elainewillis says:

      Err, mmm, after saying I try not to be too fussy, I really try to avoid sugar…6 ounces of apple juice contains 20 grams of sugar – about the same amount as in a soft drink. I find sugar (in fruit or any other source) rather addictive. Eat some, want more…and you see I have this jam-making friend who doesn’t help much with the issue…

      So, answer, yes, tried it…and trying not to have any juices at all, try to restrict fruit to lower in sugar types like certain berries and melons…but thanks for reading my BLOG!

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