Lynn’s Garden

Posted: May 31, 2009 in 1
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I nominated Lynn’s garden for a contest. She could (SHOULD!) win up to $3500.00 in gardening goodies. Here’s why! This nomination is for Dr. Lynn Burton’s peaceful garden. She lives in Roxanne’s House (you know, the one Steve Martin did the Cyrano story in….) Her garden is

an oasis for humans and wildlife. Keeping a garden in Anmore is a difficult balance. I know – I used to keep chickens here. When I purchased supplies at the CO-OP in Maple Ridge, the employees would laugh and tell me we had more natural predators here than anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. But we soldier on here, finding things that grow despite the deer, the bears, the myriad birds, the enormous slugs, the rabbits that evolved from pets… And Lynn is a natural gardener…working tirelessly as the natural predators bite her (did I mention the mosquitoes?) AMAZING GARDEN!


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