Taking Action-Two Scent Free Achievements

Posted: May 29, 2009 in 1

I received several notices from the BC Cancer Agency to go and have a mammogram. The BC Cancer Agency is quite rigorous in reminding women in British Columbia to “GO AND HAVE ONE!” The campaign consists of media campaigns and personal mailings. The recommendation is for all women to have one every two years.

Going anywhere medical means enduring the chemicals and scented products of the medical establishment as well as the other patrons…so I procrastinate. C’mon, you do, too, right? But armed with a TO-DO list, I made the call…determined. Luckily, Sandy, the booking clerk for my area was a pleasant person. I explained my concerns. She did say that staff didn’t wear “perfume” and that clients were asked not to wear deodorent or lotions (hey, that’s for the x-rays my brain shouts) – but my mouth pleasantly asks about policies and signs. No signs, no policies but she is happy to follow up and maybe find a different screening centre for me. She promises to call back if need be. I assure her that I will come with masks and epi-pen – and wait outside for my turn.

Then I called the BC Cancer Agency and left a message. The next day, Teresa, The Quality Management Coordinator with the program called. After listening to my cocnerns she explained that they do have a scent-free policy for their screening program. She assured me that booking clerks would be informed of this policy and that signs would be in place. She also changed my appointment to first thing in the morning to accommodate me since other patrons booked for that date would not have been informed yet of the policy.  YES!

The next one is a definite maybe. My local hospital – the very same place where I coughed so hard that I had a CVA (a cerebro-vascular accident – or STROKE) in response to inhaled fragrance – had scented alcohol hand sanitizer everywhere for staff, visitors and patients to use to prevent the spread of germs. YES, scented! Fragrance is even listed plainly on the label. There are, of course, other issues there as the Scent-free Facility labels have all but disappeared around the hospital. Today I went in and asked to speak to someone about the policy. I was offered a complaint form. I assured the clerk that I didn’t want to complain. She seemed pretty sure that I did but after some dialogue and my assurances that I was there to ask some questions and provide some help with the issue, she warmed up and promised me that someone would get back to me soon. Her head was moving in the affirmative and she was smiling. I am very hopeful as I think I sold her on the issue and recruited her to my team.

One building at a time, the CLEAN INDOOR AIR INITIATIVE will change the world.CIAlogo

  1. Vince Montgomery says:


    I hope the only scent you have to deal with is the sweet smell of victory!!

    The way you are attacking this, I have no doubt you will triumph!!

    Live in peace,


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