More Musings to Peter

Posted: May 29, 2009 in 1
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I am sorry I didn’t get to say good-bye – I asked Geoff to convey my good-bye – not sure if he got a chance.GreendrinksLOGO

Simona is dear friend of mine. She can be very focused on work and it was great that she took the time to come and explore the “REAL” world.

I am SO GLAD your wife likes the bread. I vary the recipe a bit each time – it is more of a pattern than a recipe. The secret, I think, is eating it fresh. It was just out of the oven when I came. The jam was made by my friend, LYNN BURTON. I will have to get her out to a GREENDRINKS one day. She recently retired from being Dean of Continuing Studies and Chair of the Humanities Department at Simon Fraser University – amazing woman, so right-brained and creative, it is totally amazing that she has achieved so much. She says it is self-discipline. She amazes me daily. You must meet her one day. With two-fingered typing and no knowledge of computers, web-sites or the like, she produces a daily newspaper online called the Anmore Alternative… Oh, and did I mention she makes jam from local ingredients???

As for paddling, my day canoeing on the Fraser with Fin Donnelly’s group was totally amazing. My young guide, James Healy, is now a friend. See him on my FACEBOOK page!!

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