Exit Poll

Posted: November 18, 2008 in 1

I would have been very curious to have taken an exit poll to have learned more about the reason for the election results in Anmore. The traditional definition for an exit poll has been to take a sample of voters as they leave a polling place to predict the outcome of an election or to determine the opinions and characteristics of the candidates’ supporters.

Understanding the needs and wants of the electorate is important. It is not about appeasing them, not about pleasing them…it’s about understanding the needs of the community. Understanding the numbers that occur on the ballots is especially difficult in a small community and especially with such a poor voter turnout. Historically Anmore’s voter turnout is very high. Without feedback we don’t know if they were confused, disinterested or unaware.

Perhaps there are not enough opportunities in the community for members of the community to get to know the issues and their candidates.

There is some talk provincially about extending the length of municipal office to four years and restricting the number of terms a Mayor can stay in office.

But what do you think? Feedback, exit polls, dialogue…the majority is silent. Yet the BLOG keeps the statistics so I know you are reading!


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