Chemical Sensitivity and the Environment

Posted: October 30, 2008 in 1

Yes, I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity…the rumours are true.  At least 8% of Canadians share this sensitivity and the numbers are growing rapidly. Unlike other “allergies”, chemical sensitivity is a reaction of the body to chemicals as poisons in a similar manner to which a body reacts to some of nature’s toxins.

Like bee stings, more frequent exposures lead to stronger and more potentially lethal reactions in the very sensitive.

Some of these chemicals mimic hormones in the body. Perhaps you are aware of the controversy over the use of plastic water bottles containing bisphenol A. In this regard we are ALL chemically sensitive.

When people ask me about it I might tell them I am not upset about this condition. I am a canary in the mine. My body is the early warning system for other humans. I am a little behind the amphibians but my reactions are a reminder to all of us that the air we breathe and the substances we use without much thought must move to the forefront of our consciousness.

There is no government overseeing the safety of the thousands of chemicals used in our daily lives. In Anmore we are lucky that we have septic tanks so we can be more conscious of what goes down the drain. We have to be mindful to keep the septic system healthy. I was very proud when the septic company came to clean my tank and pronounced it to be very healthy.

Click below to read more about some initiatives here in British Columbia and one in Nova Scotia. Let’s make Anmore a model environmentally aware community. Awareness is the first step towards action.


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