Musing – Why You Should Vote For Me

Posted: October 24, 2008 in 1

Working as a member of Anmore Council is about giving back to the community. It is a huge time commitment which I am fully prepared to undertake.. In addition to the council meetings there are committee meetings, boards and commissions. However, I feel very deeply about the issues we face and about preserving and enhancing the green, semi-rural lifestyle here. me

Being a councillor, indeed being a politician, is about representing the electorate. It is about helping people. It is not about what I want. I am not going into this with one agenda to be achieved. I believe strongly in Anmore’s vision as do the people who have moved here and our desire to preserve it can and will be achieved through democratic process through this election and through every vote at council. It is most important to remember that our small community is not the work of one person or even one group, but all the volunteers, committees, the teachers in the school, the residents and indeed the flora and fauna we admire and enjoy.


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